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About University

Established in 2004, REVA University is a forerunner in delivering technology-based education.

Recognised as one of the Top 50 private universities in India, REVA University, with innovative pedagogy, exemplary infrastructure, and an industry-resilient curriculum that is designed for the future job market, strives to benchmark new milestones in modern education. In less than two decades, the University has grown from a small community of 150 students to a vast institution that is educating and empowering 15,000+ students on campus.


REVA University prides itself in contributing to every student's holistic development.

University currently offers

The University offers programmes in Engineering, Architecture, Science & Technology, Commerce, Management Studies, Law, Arts & Humanities, and Performing Arts. Courses are offered in Certificate/Diploma and Post Graduate Diploma too. REVA University facilitates research leading to a Doctoral Degree in all disciplines.

The programmes offered by REVA University are well-planned and designed based on methodical analysis and research with emphasis on knowledge assimilation, practical applications, hands-on training, global and industrial relevance, and their social significance. REVA University believes in preparing students through the Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) and Continuous Assessment and Grading Pattern (CAGP) of education.

The CBCS & CAGP pattern of education has been introduced in all programmes to enable students to opt for subjects of their choice in addition to the core subjects of study and to train them with vocational skills. This methodology helps students earn more credits and facilitates students to pursue additional proficiency certificates and diplomas.


The faculty is an active part of the academic dialogue. Teachers and instructors with illustrious academic experience are the architects of the meticulously designed curriculum and programme modules offered at REVA University. They come with industrial exposure and experience that often translates through their teaching, thus bridging the gap between industry and academia.


REVA University has an updated, ever-evolving collection of books, journals, and digital content in the library with the latest IT infrastructure that ensures students have information at their disposal.

Our Vision

REVA University aspires to become an innovative university by developing excellent human resources with leadership qualities, ethical and moral values, research culture and innovative skills through higher education of global standards.

Our Mission

  • To create excellent infrastructure facilities and state-of-the-art laboratories and incubation centres
  • To provide a student-centric learning environment through innovative pedagogy and education reforms
  • To encourage research and entrepreneurship through collaborations and extension activities
  • To promote industry-institute partnerships and share knowledge for innovation and development



REVA logo depicts ‘Srivatsa’ or “the endless knot”. The Srivatsa has rich significance in Indian Symbolism- in the religions of Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. Chief among its varied interpretations is that it represents the interplay of opposite forces in the world and a final merging of the dual, leading to harmony. It binds and connects all the stakeholders- the teacher and the learner at one level; and at another level connects the individual units of the institution to make it a harmonious whole.

The ‘endless knot’ signifies the continuous process of learning which has neither a beginning nor an end. In the Tibetan branch of Buddhism the endless knot signifies both wisdom and compassion which are essential in making the teaching-learning process meaningful and productive. Finally, the logo in its digitized version embodies the institution’s blend of tradition and technology – a blend that signifies change and evolution at the individual and collective level and finally the societal level.

Our Objectives

  • Creation, preservation and dissemination of knowledge and attainment of excellence in different disciplines
  • Smooth transition from teacher-centric focus to learner-centric processes and activities
  • Performing all the functions of interest to its major constituents like faculty, staff, students, and the society to reach a leadership position
  • Developing a sense of ethics in the University and Community, making it conscious of its obligations to the society and the nation
  • To offer high-quality education in a competitive manner

Core Values & Purpose

The objective of the International Centre at REVA is to provide the best programmes in collaboration with top-league International Universities so as to ensure students get the right cultural environment and learning at these Universities. The goal is to make knowledge accessible to students while pursuing their Undergraduate or Postgraduate Degrees at REVA from across the globe under the expertise of international faculty and industry personnel. REVA invites students from all around the globe and also invites students at REVA to enrol in the various opportunities provided to study abroad.

On that Principle, the Core Values and Purpose of REVA University are, to:

  • Attain excellence in different disciplines by creating, preserving, and disseminating knowledge to all aspiring students
  • Draw inspiration from the University’s ethos and develop within its members a sense of accountability towards their community, society, and the nation at large
  • Accept the challenges globalization and changing times throw at us to offer high-quality education and developmental services in a competitive manner
  • Provide every opportunity to the University’s key constituents–its faculty, staff, students, and the community–to excel in their domain of expertise and contribute to every task with sincerity
  • Transition to learner-centric approach in imparting knowledge

The lush green campus, state-of-the-art laboratories, custom-designed classrooms to enable seamless learning, and world-class indoor and outdoor sports facilities make REVA University the most preferred university among students and MNCs that visit the campus for placements.